The Team

In its composition, the board of Babel mirrors the very principles of the association. To begin with, it is a board where diversity is a key factor. It’s a diversity translated in the multitude of perspectives and the way they’re combined to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our board revolves around elements that are essential for success to be guaranteed : commitment, determination and motivation.


Berfin Necimoglu



Hello everyone ! I am Berfin Necimoğlu from Izmir, Turkey. As a second year student I am more than happy and honored to be the President of Babel for 2016-2017 academic year. The goal of this initiative illustrates what I would love to achieve in my future career; which is to learn about new cultures and ethnic groups. As the world gets more globalized; and paradoxically individualized; it is critical to know who we are coexisting and cohabiting with. Tolerance and care are the key factors of this concept which are offered to young generations through Babel Initiative. This year we hope to discover southern Spanish culture and see Spain from different point of views.

Carmen Mira

Vice-president & Spanish pole


¡Hola a todos!

I’m Carmen and I am the Cultural Week organizer. Extremely proud of my Spanish roots, my goal is to make the most of Babel by presenting the uniqueness of Spain. I am mainly in charge for the recruitment of world-class speakers and organization of events for Babel’s cultural week that will take place in February 2017. Within that week I will do my best to bring the most genuine facet of Spain to Menton. I look forward to delve you into the Spanish culture while promoting the dialogue about the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region.

Khattry Ahamdy



Assalamu Alaykoum ! Pour ceux qui me connaissent pas, je suis Khattry Ahamdy, de Nouakchott. Etudiant en 1ère année, j'ai l'honneur d'occuper le poste de secrétaire de Babel. Je suis en charge de l'organisation et la coordination des meetings du board, le contact avec le personnel administratif du campus et surtout la collaboration avec nos différents partenaires. Personnellement, je ne considère pas Babel comme une simple association. Bien au-delà, il s'agit d'un réel projet collectif, humain, unique en son genre qui nous offre l'opportunité de découvrir des régions du monde fascinantes, d'admirer leur diversité culturelle, sociale, religieuse, politique, géographique... Pour cela j'aurai le grand plaisir, cette année, de m'investir dans l'organisation du voyage en Andalousie, et je suis convaincu qu'on en fera une expérience enrichissante qui marquera l'esprit d'Al Umma Al-Mantoniyya ! 



Aina de Lapparent Alvarez

Spanish pole


¡Hola, chicos! My name is Aina de Lapparent Álvarez and I'm Franco-Spanish from Barcelona. I am more than proud to be on the Spanish pole of Babel concretely looking for sponsors to make BABEL continue as a long standing tradition in our campus as an association promoting cross-mediterranean dialogue. This is the element that I feel passionate about, as I have become conscious that the cultural and historical ties between countries bordering the Mediterranean configure a community that fear each other because of general lack of awareness. Nevertheless, Babel is not only bringing this awareness but also empathy, the most powerful feeling needed to change the world.



Sara Elbanna



Hey everyone! I’m Sara, an Egyptian from New York City and I’m in charge of the logistics for this year’s trip to Spain, which means that I help plan the accommodation and transportation to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy Andalusia and further investigate their research topics! I’m extremely excited and honored to be part of an organization that promotes tolerance through cultural education and research. The Andalusian region embodied a cultural mix of people from the three monotheistic religions which makes it such an interesting area to study and further expand our understanding of different ethnic groups. I'm looking forward to experiencing Spanish culture from the many different perspectives that your projects offer to explore.

Pavlos Lepouras



Bonjour tout le monde ! Moi c’est Pavlos, je suis le trésorier de l'association. Mon intérêt pour la culture et la langue espagnoles ont motivé ma candidature pour le board de Babel, qui organise cette année un voyage en Espagne afin de concrétiser les projets de recherche. Je trouve que l’Andalousie est une région fascinante car son histoire est marquée par la coexistence des trois principaux monothéismes, c’est pourquoi le projet de Babel est une belle opportunité de s’intéresser à cette question très actuelle!

Valentin Hollingshausen

Visual communicator


My name is Valentin and I am visual communicator for Babel initiative. I chose to get involved in this association because I immediately recognized myself in the values that sustain the project of Babel : exchange between cultures and intellectual curiosity. Those are also fundamental principles of our campus and of Sciences Po. My interest for photography, typography and graphic design incited me to apply  for the position that I have the honor to hold today.

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